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The Silk Trilogy

The Silk Trilogy

Silk & Shadows
Like the falcon he named himself for, Peregrine is wild and free, an exotic prince who fascinates 1839 London with his wealth, mystery, and dangerous allure. Nothing and no one can stop him—except perhaps Lady Sara St. James, whose fragile beauty conceals a gentle heart, genuine goodness, and a soul of steel.

Unable to resist his seductive charm, Lady Sara turns away from her ordered life to embrace a man she loves, but cannot fully trust. In Sara, Peregrine sees a chance for a life beyond revenge. But can he keep her without revealing his devastating secrets? Or protect her from the enemy he has vowed to destroy?

Silk & SecretsIs the reunion story of Ross and Juliet, the headstrong wife who loved and left him when they were both very young. The two of them make a perilous journey to Central Asia to see if they can rescue Juliet’s brother Ian, an army officer who was taken captive in Bokhara. In the process, they must come to terms with the past if they are to have a chance at a future together.

Veils of Silk
After years of captivity in western Asia, a courageous army major finds hope for the future in a bold woman who dares to accept his marriage proposal, shed her Victorian propriety-and unleash a sensual nature that will set him on fire.

Laura Stephenson and Ian Cameron's adventurous story wraps up the Silk Trilogy.

Regency Reads

Baroness Antonia Thornton, outrageous beauty, and her companion, gentle Judith Winslow, discovered new ways to intrigue the ton. Which one was dashing Adam Yorke interested in? Then there was his friend Simon, Lord Launceston, divinely handsome and eligible. What were his intentions? The two young ladies and their two young gentlemen lead each other on a merry dance of confusion—and romance. Originally published by Signet.

Three Regency novellas. The Christmas Cuckoo is the tale of a young woman who brings the wrong man back from the local coaching inn. Sunshine for Christmas features a sad young aristocrat who finds a special treat when he escapes to Italy for the holidays. In The Christmas Tart a young Frenchwoman learns that her choice for survival may be a chance for happiness. All novellas previously published by Signet in various collections.

Caroline Hanscome, who dreams of music more than men, is offered marriage by a jaded lord, Jason Kincaid. Jason had drawn her name from among those his friend had offered. Though Caroline’s parents are thrilled, she herself finds her fiancĂ© alarming. And when Jason meets up with his first love, he questions whether he should have been more sober before choosing a bride. Regency Romance by Mary Jo Putney; originally published by Signet


The Starting Over Series


Stirring The Embers

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Previously titled: The Burning Point

Kate Corsi always dreamed of working in her family's world-famous demolition business—a wish her old-fashioned father denied until his untimely death. He leaves a fortune to Kate and the business to her ex-husband, Donovan—but only if they agree to live under the same roof for a year.

Kate and Donovan married too young and stayed too long in a dangerously destructive marriage. Ten years later, surely they're mature enough to co-exist peacefully. But the embers of attraction swiftly flare into flame again.

Now, they must confront the pain of the past if they are to have a chance for a future and save their business from a saboteur they're beginning to suspect of murder.

"Ms. Putney takes a taboo issue and creates a poignant tale about forgiveness and the awesome power of love… I could not put it down." ~Darlene Kendall, Rendezvous

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Phoenix Falling
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Previously titled: The Spiral Path

Though they are sliding toward divorce, Raine Marlowe persuades her enigmatic superstar husband, Kenzie Scott, to play the lead in a movie she wants to produce and direct. Kenzie agrees, but without realizing how dangerously close the character’s dark secrets are to his own.

Then Kenzie's past explodes into a career destroying scandal. Like a phoenix, Kenzie had created spectacular success out of torment. Now his carefully constructed life has shattered.

When Kenzie tries to push Rainey away, she knows only she can help him come to terms with his past—and if she fails, she’ll lose the only man she’s ever loved.

"...gripping... darkly emotional… and holds out such promise of hope, redemption and triumph that you will be unable to put it down." ~ Romantic Times 

"...emotionally honest... richly developed" ~ Publishers Weekly

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An Imperfect Process
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Previously titled: Twist of Fate

When lawyer Val Covington receives a windfall and leaves her corporate career to practice "do-gooder law," her assistant offers to come with her—if Val will look into the case of Kendra's former lover, who is on Death Row for a crime he didn't commit.

Val agrees, but she can't do it alone. She finds help in Rob Smith, her landlord, who is as capable as he is mysterious. 

If justice is an imperfect process, so is falling in love. Val and Rob are drawn together as they fight to save an innocent man's life, but can they overcome their fears to build a lasting future?

" emotionally-charged story of honor, courage, and the healing power of love [that] readers will remember." ~Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     * 

A Holiday Fling

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Previously titled: A Christmas Fling

British actress Jenny Lyme isn't a movie star, but she's well loved in England for her television work. Now her hometown community center is in danger of being sold. The only hope for its salvation is if Jenny can film and sell the Christmas Revels production she's directing. A really good cameraman is needed—and she knows just the one….

Greg Marino is a top Hollywood cinematographer with an Oscar in his kitchen to prove it. He also has fond memories of the fling he once had with Jenny Lyme when they worked together on a disastrous movie.

So when Jenny calls and asks Greg to film her Christmas show, he decides it'd be a fun break... and really, really nice to see Jenny again.

But how can they build a life together when both have demanding careers thousands of miles apart?

The Marriage Spell

THE MARRIAGE SPELL * Paranormal Historical Romance

Lord Frayne must hide his ability as a sorcerer; it's just not acceptable in Regency circles. But then he needs the help of a peer's daughter, the talented sorceress Abigail. Eventually, there's magic between them-after they marry.

The Guardian Trilogy


A KISS OF FATE * Book #1 * Ballantine/Del Rey Historical Romance

Duncan Macrae is committed to ending the ceaseless strife between Scotland and England. But he also has other, secret powers—those of a Guardian, humans with mystical abilities to control nature’s forces and see into the hearts of others. From the moment he encounters Gwyneth Owens, his fiery spirit is irrevocably drawn to claim her as his own—a passion that will not only set his loyalty to his land against his sworn Guardian vows, but will also threaten everything he cherishes most.

STOLEN MAGIC * Book #2 * Ballantine/Del Rey Historical Romance

Simon Malmain is well known among the Guardians. Well known, but not always well loved . . . for those who enforce the law are rarely embraced by those whom they protect--and this is equally true whether the law is magical or mundane.

A need for each other’s magic binds Simon to Meg. Together they must fight the rogue mage, Lord Drayton. For Drayton has a diabolical plan that will profoundly alter the course of Britain’s future. Even the combined power of Simon and Meg may not be enough to stave off catastrophe. Only a desperate act of love may win back the future--or destroy all they hold dear.

A DISTANT MAGIC * Book #3 * Ballantine/Del Rey Historical Romance

Jean Macrae’s family is one of the most prominent clans of Guardians but Jean considers her skills modest at best. She is content without the adventure that such skill brings…until the day she is confronted by a handsome stranger whose magic imprisons her on his pirate ship.

When Jean and Captain Nikolai Gregorio's irresistible connection summons a woman from the future, they are charged with a formidable task. This quest will sweep Jean and Nikolai into the most fantastic of realms, and try their powers beyond what even the Guardians would dare.

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The Bride Trilogy

The Bride Trilogy

THE WILD CHILD * Book #1 * Ballantine/Del Rey Historical Romance

Bribed by Kyle, his twin brother, Dominic Renbourne agrees to take his twin’s place in courting the “mad” Lady Meriel Grahame, an orphaned heiress Kyle intends to marry. The last thing Dominic expects is to be entranced by a silent sprite whose ethereal beauty is as intoxicating as the flowers and trees that surround her.

THE CHINA BRIDE * Book #2 * Ballantine/Del Rey Historical Romance

The story begins six years after the end of THE WILD CHILD. Kyle has spent those years in travel, moving ever eastward. Soon it will be time to return to England and his responsibilities as heir to an earldom, but first he will visit China, the last and most desired goal of his long journey.

THE BARTERED BRIDE * Book #3 * Ballantine/Del Rey Historical Romance

After building a fortune amid the splendor and dangers of the China seas, American adventurer and merchant prince Gavin Elliott is sailing for London, where he intends to establish himself in the society that forced his family to leave in disgrace when Gavin was only a child. But fate intervenes on an infamous island in the East Indies when he tries to save a European woman being sold at a slave auction.

Historical Romances

THE RAKE * Historical Romance

Disinherited and disgraced, Reginald Davenport's prospects cried for a dire end. But fate has given him one last chance at redemption—by taking his rightful place as the heir of Strickland, his lost ancestral estate. Davenport knows his way around women, yet nothing prepares him for his shocking encounter with Lady Alys Weston.

DEARLY BELOVED * Historical Romance

As enigmatic as she is beautiful, Diana Lindsay is the most desirable and sought after woman in London, her smile worth a prince’s ransom. Yet Diana wants only one man—a haunted lord with mysterious secrets as deep as hers.

ONE PERFECT ROSE * Historical Romance

Devastating news sends Stephen Kenyon fleeing incognito across England on a journey where he finds not only his own soul, but the love he has always desired.

THE BARGAIN * Historical Romance

Lady Jocelyn Kendal needs to marry by her 25th birthday or she'll lose her inheritance. Impulsively she strikes a bargain with a mortally wounded officer, Major David Lancaster, but what happens when you marry a dying man, and then the blasted fellow hasn't the grace to die?

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Lost Lords Series

Never Less Than a Lady

Never Less Than a Lady
Book #1 in the Lost Lords series
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-0329-8

Loving a Lost Lord

Loving a Lost Lord
Book #2 in the Lost Lords series
ISBN: 978-4201-0328-1


Nowhere Near Respectable

Nowhere Near Respectable
Book #3 in the Lost Lords series
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-1722-X


No Longer a Gentleman

Coming June 28, 2012!
No Longer a Gentleman
Book #4 in the Lost Lords series
ISBN: 978-4201-1723-8